Studio Corbetta

architecture design

Roberto Corbetta


The architect and founder

Architecture follows time, it follows its step and its evolution; captures the needs of the human being, their desires for beauty and well-being for modeling shapes and materials.

Modern architecture considers the territory, considers the environment, consider the comfort of the home for people’s needs, in short, considering the well-being in its totality. Architecture has always employed science and human knowledge from the masters of ancient Greece up to the great contemporary architects.

He follows the great influences of technology by using it to go to the extreme of large-scale architectural design to achieve things that were unthinkable until a few decades ago.

Architecture buildings now express “durability " the maintenance of which in time prove to be economically sustainable.

The recovery and reuse of old buildings: think, plan and then take action to give them new life by hosting the man in his story, but modern and technologically advanced.

A path in which the architect has participated as a protagonist, as a stimulus and guide.

A path that our study, which was founded in 1983, followed by evolving, over time, remaining at the forefront of its industry, employing energy and passion.

Energy and passion of a team of professionals, experienced in various specializations which together are essential for making architecture..