Studio Corbetta

architecture design


Gianluca Corbetta

Elena Vigo

Lorena Cavalletti

The junior

Father, let me tell you ... a dead Corbetta, if he makes another. I 'm studying at the Polytechnic to replace you...
But of course as late as possible!

The accounts must add up.

I am Elena Vigo and for many years I have been responsible for the administrative sector of the study. Hard work but I do it with passion and enthusiasm, and then...
To add up the accounts is important.

The yard ... my love

I am an architect who likes to think, study, and design.
But to see your ideas take shape and grow and direct the jobs it’swonderfull!!

Cristina Citterio

Alberto Fumagalli

Patrizia Milanese

Watch out for details!

I was born with the name of Cristina and with a passion for detail and for its execution..

That's why the boss has asked me to collaborate with the study as a supervisor for executive planning.

Here the things I settle

In nature, nothing is perfect, especially when things created by people are in need of being ... settled.

I then decided to major in engineering and building systems for years guided in study in the design and implementation of systems to maximize comfort, spaciousness and durability of the building.

Ok the word ... but a better contract!

My name is Patricia Milanese Accountant with extensive experience in contract administration.

Estimates and contracts are not my forte but I do everything by myself, fortunately accompanied by an excellent staff.

Nicoletta Nespoli

Marco Porro


The accuracy is Swiss?

Hello Nicoletta Nespoli is meticulous and precise. Oh yes! Just like the Swiss. I am not an architect graduated from the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio for nothing ,under my guidance everything works like clockwork.

Nevertheless, I love to design the Italian Style

My presence infuses ... safely!

My name is Marco Porro and with my degree in architecture I have collaborated with Studio Corbetta for many years. With me, they feel safe because I have decades of experience in the field of safety and accident prevention on construction sites. However, the cable will not hurt me as a designer and director work!